Meet Remy the Alaskan Klee Kai!


Name: Remy
Birthday: June 3rd, 2014 – 2 years old!

Remy is a miniature-sized and currently weighs in at roughly 12 lbs. When he is uncomfortable or doesn’t like something – like me going to work, or he is cold – he will do a perfect statuesque sit and stare into my soul, almost making me feel as uncomfortable as him. His favourite food  would have to be beef lung. A close second is salmon. Least favorite seems to be elk, he just can’t get into it.

Remy is very reserved and takes a long time to warm up to mostly everyone, but when he likes you it is quite clear. Towards other dogs he sometimes tries to be a bit of a bully with dogs his size or smaller but it’s just a front and he gets put in his place as he is quite timid – just ask Poppy! He likes to play with the bigger dogs when at the park usually.

He loves going for a walk around the neighbourhood however he is the happiest when we are out camping and hiking, he’s spent half of his life camping out and being on the road so it’s no surprise he is quite content in that position. He’s been to the summit of numerous mountains, from the west coast of Canada to the East and explored everywhere in between, to the Mexico border, and all through the desert in California and Arizona as a pup!

He always has his one favorite toy he takes to bed with him, which is also the only time he likes to cuddle with anybody. He often times hangs out at the gun club with everyone (he is named after a gun after all). It’s not unusual for him to have a full on howling conversation with me while we drive anywhere in the truck or I take to long to get him outside for a walk.

Visit Remy on Instagram at @Remy_akk!

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