Meet Loki and Thor the Alaskan Klee Kai!

Meet Loki and Thor the Alaskan Klee Kai!

Name: Loki and Thor

Loki is the perfect Diva and thinks the world exists for her. When she wants to be lovable she is the best! Knows her toys by name and listens – a perfect lady. She tolerates her younger brother.

Thor looks up to his Alpha sister and loves her dearly. He is anxious and afraid (of life???) but is definitely the cuddler. He is absolutely thrilled when he hears me say “Good Morning” and can’t give enough kisses & snuggles. He follows me like a shadow. He tries to be as agile as his sister but he make up for the lack with his huge heart. For siblings they are like night & day but each brings a special something to our home.

Loki was in the 2nd litter from Gracie & Kodi ( Pat Durrette Reeves) and Thor was a singleton (same parentage) as the 3rd litter. Loki has 2 brothers.

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