Meet Arrow the Alaskan Klee Kai!

Meet Arrow the Alaskan Klee Kai!

Name: Arrow
Birthday: 07/20/15

He’s just over a year old and is 11 lbs. He hasn’t met a dog he hasn’t liked. He loves going to doggy daycare and playing with huskies on the weekend.

Unique habits and quirks: Arrow definitely thinks he’s a big dog! He will try to trade you one of his toys for something he wants. He won’t take no as answer when it comes to playing fetch, he’ll bring you a toy a repeatedly poke you with it until you throw it. He also will try to bring his sister (a nine years old Korat) his toys to try to butter her up into chasing him. He loves rolling around, especially on his bed, and making gurgling noises. He also LOVES French bulldogs! (I joke that he has a frenchie fetish.)

Favorite food: dried sardines.

Least favorite food: yet to be determined (he loves everything! But chicken makes him itchy)

Personality: Arrow is an energetic alpha, who loves to play!

Dislikes: Arrow doesn’t like when his friends get picked up from doggy daycare before him, he is very vocal in letting their owners as well as the staff know!

If you would like us to feature your Alaskan Klee Kai, give us a shout!

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