Meet Padfoot and Moony the Alaskan Klee Kai!

Meet Padfoot and Moony the Alaskan Klee Kai!

Name: Padfoot (black and white) and Moony (grey and white)

Padfoot and Moony are half brothers from Naitok Kennels! While they both love to sleep, watch the neighborhood from the bay window, go for lots of walks, and run around with mom and dad, they still have very different personalities! Padfoot was born on his mommy’s birthday on 4/22/15.

He just reaches standard height but weighs in at only 14lbs. He loves to go for runs with mom, will eat almost anything, loves his PB Kongs, but isn’t a fan of carrots. He is super smart and definitely knows how to get his own way.

He loves meeting new dogs, but isn’t a fan of meeting new people without dogs, it takes him a bit to warm up. He is in heaven at the dog park where he can run like the wind. Padfoot absolutely loves his little brother Moony, and his separation anxiety has almost completely gone away now that he’s got Moony in his life.

Moony was born on 2/23/16 but at 6mo also already weighed in at 14lbs! We call him our little hoss. He gives lots and lots of kisses and warms up to people faster than Padfoot does. He basically wants whatever his brother has… Padfoot has a toy, Moony wants it. Padfoot is getting snuggles from mom or Dad, then Moony wants some too! It’s been a really great trait when meeting new dogs and people. If Padfoot says hi, then Moony knows it’s okay to do the same thing!

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