Meet Bodhi, Franki and Loki the Alaskan Klee Kai!

Meet Bodhi and Franki the Alaskan Klee Kai!


Bodhi is one year old and shares his birthday with Franki. They are both born on July 24th exactly one year apart (Bodhi being the younger of the two). Bodhi is a sweetheart, he always wants to be with Franki or one of us. He is a definent cuddler. He is also the more talkative one, with a wide range of noise we have no idea what he is trying to tell us. Bodhi is a garbage truck, he will eat anything, literally anything. But his favorite is fish, especial tuna.


Franki is two years old. He shares the same birthday with his brother Bodhi. Franki is a 12lb kleptomaniac who steals everything from Bodhi. He is very smart and usually starts any problems or gets into something he shouldn’t. He’s incredibly agile and fast. Franki’s favorite food would have to be bacon or beef. He is very picky so he actually won’t eat a lot of things. Franki is a sociopath with a pension for mischief, Bodhi is the most loving dog you’ve ever met. Franki is actually bodhi’s uncle. Franki half sister fortuna is Bodhi mom.

Meet Loki the Alaskan Klee Kai!


Loki was our first dog. Far and away the smartest of the three. Very independent. No fear. He once figured out how to get into a close laundry hamper, he stole my work socks and took them under the bed where he had punched a hole in the box spring and had made a den in the back corner of the bed using 9 of my socks as a blanket. He had been doing this for a while. He was attacked and killed by a pit bull at a dogpark on 7/8/15 at the age of 1.5 years old.

Bodhi and Franki currently star in conversations with Franki and Bodhi on Facebook. Their Instagram is @oaklandminiwolves. They also help manage the shop Doggie Stylish!

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