Meet Ahvie the Alaskan Klee Kai!

Meet Ahvie the Alaskan Klee Kai!

Meet Aoibheal from Meadow Brook Kennel in Minnesota. She has such a fancy name, but prefers Ahvie. These two names also completely describe her personality; we just refer to her as Princess Tomboy. She’s delicate and girly but rough and ready all at the same time!

She is a silly trickster who loves a good game or wrestling match, but is also a sweet soft eyed little love bug who just wants to be massaged. Ahvie is a 16 lb miniature who has the heart of a lion and the soul of a lamb, she loves bunnies, chickens, sitting out on the deck watching the world go by, toys, shopping, massages and going on adventures with her Auntie and Nunkie or Mommy and Daddy. She also LOVES toes. They don’t even have to be toes she knows; strangers toes are just as exciting!

Ahvie is terrified of turtles, live, ceramic or dead, hates Golden Doodles, the words no, be quiet, or bad dog, baths, being blown on and did we mention Golden Doodles? She also absolutely hates being pointed at!

She loves to race up the stairs ahead of her family and if she makes it to the top first she woo-woos in delight, and she loves to play through the railings on the hallway; get too close to her face and she’ll poke you and then laugh at you about it!

Since she has serious separation anxiety, she lives with Mom and Dad sometimes and Auntie and Nunkie sometimes and definitely has her own ideas about food. Her favorite things to eat are cheese, goats milk, peanuts, ice cream and everything at Aunties house. Her least favorite things to eat are carrots, turkey, treats that got mixed together in the same ziplock bag, and everything at Moms house.

Lastly? All you StarTrek Next Generation fans will get this, Ahvie is Borg. Her motto is I’m so stinking cute; resistance is futile, prepare to be assimilated!┬áThose of you who don’t get that reference? We also refer to her followers as Ahvie”ites” because she collects them everywhere: stores, paths,sidewalks, banks, playgrounds, in rush hour traffic…..She is a lovely silly girl who we all just adore, I’m pretty sure she’s hiding angel wings somewhere under that soft silky coat

If you would like us to feature your Alaskan Klee Kai, give us a shout!

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