Meet Dilly Diamond, Jager, Remi and Twyla!

Meet the Alaskan Klee Kai Pack!

Dilly Diamond

She was my very 1st klee kai and is now and will always be my #1 girl. She is currently 5yrs of age. She adores her soft toys and every day she puts them away in her bed, each in their own special place so that she knows they are all there and that naughty Miss Twyla has not taken any of them. She also adores real life baby animals and has helped raise Twyla’s kids, Remi’s son and a litter of fennec foxes. Her favourite food is smoked salmon (duh! She is from Alaska!) and she is also partial to extra mature cheddar cheese.


Jager is 3yrs of age. Jager is a sweet, soppy boy who loves nothing more then curling up in bed or on the sofa with me but a very close second is meeting up with his kids at our monthly get togethers. Jager’s favourite food is dehydrated liver which we make ourselves. His favourite movie is princess and the frog which he will watch the whole way through and not take his eyes off the screen!

Remi (not pictured)

Remi is 3yrs of age. Though Remi only joined our pack late in 2015 it is like she has been here forever. She is my human daughters very best friend, they do everything together. Remi’s favourite food is hot dogs and her favourite game is anything she can do with her bestie Audrey.


Twyla is 2yrs of age and is her human dad’s #1 girl! Twy enjoys practising her resting bitch face almost constantly and feels that she should one day get a medal for it. She has the best recall of any klee kai I know and even stops chasing squirrels to come back when called! She likes to act tough around strangers but those who know her best know that she secretly is a real sweet heart. Her favourite snack is raw chicken feet as she says she likes to freak the others out with the toes sticking out of her mouth.

If you would like us to feature your Alaskan Klee Kai, give us a shout!

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