Meet Luna the Alaskan Klee Kai!

Meet Luna the Alaskan Klee Kai!

Name: Luna
Birthday: November 20, 2014

Luna is a female standard Alaskan Klee Kai with a wild sable short coat. She likes stealing things and then rolling over when she’s caught. She’s smart and knows how to open the freezer for her raw treats—a YouTube video clip of her doing so was featured on a TV show! Luna loves cooked chicken like it’s crack and eats a raw diet.

Her personality is a total sassy pants. Scatty, super affectionate on her terms, wakes me up with licks to the face EVERY morning, chats at me if she doesn’t get her own way, likes socks, hates wheels, leaves blowing in the wind are the best thing ever apparently.

Visit Luna on Instagram at @Luna_The_KleeKai!

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