The No Pull Dog Harness: Is It Right For Your Pet?

If you’ve ever had the experience of walking your dog while struggling to stay upright, you may have wondered if there was a better way. Some people choose to use harnesses instead of a traditional collar and leash to walk their dogs since it reduces strain on the dog’s neck and trachea.

But that’s really just half the battle. What if you could actually stop your dog from trying to drag you behind him on your daily walks?

What is a No Pull Dog Harness?

Many people prefer to use harnesses with their dogs, but some argue that traditional harnesses cause unnecessary strain and don’t discourage pulling. No-pull harnesses are made so that the clip attaches in the front, at the chest, instead of on the back.

Because of the design, attempts to pull will result in your dog turning back towards you, as the harness will not allow him to go in the direction of his choosing. Once he finds that pulling is unproductive, he will eventually stop the behavior all together since the only way to go forward is to walk without pulling.

No Pull Dog Harnesses Vs. Standard Dog Harnesses

Should you use the no pull dog harness?Currently, there is some debate amongst behavioral specialists and veterinarians as to which type of harness is best. One side of the argument feels that no-pull harnesses are restrictive and create unnatural strain on a dog’s forelimbs. These professionals discourage use of all harnesses and stress that the only way to stop a dog from pulling is to train it.

The other side of the debate agrees that a dog must be trained in order to stop pulling, but believes that no-pull harnesses provide a way to make that training possible. One Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Pat Miller, says that her experience has shown that no-pull harnesses offer the least detrimental way for owners to train their dogs for polite leash walking.

Until an even safer alternative is found, Miller says that no-pull harnesses are truly the best training option for many dog owners.

Choosing the Right No Pull Dog Harness

When you begin shopping for a no-pull harness for your dog, you may be a bit overwhelmed with the options. To help narrow your search, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, consider the time of day when you normally take your dog for walks. If you tend to walk your dog early in the morning or evenings, it may be a good idea to invest in a harness with reflective material to increase visibility.

Next, consider your pet’s comfort. Dogs who are persistent leash pullers may need a padded harness until they are trained so they don’t become chafed or irritated by the harness straps. Lastly, you may need to consider other options for your dog if you go on runs together since no-pull harnesses are not recommended for use while jogging or running.

Our Top Five No Pull Dog Harnesses

#5: PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness

PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk HarnessEasy on, easy off, and difficult to slip, this harness is ideal for dogs who think of themselves as the Houdini of the canine world. With four adjustable points, you can ensure a proper fit that will never slip off.

It comes in a variety of colors including apple green, ocean blue, rose red, and steel grey. Sizes range from small to large.

#4: SENSE-ation No Pull Dog Harness

This durable harness is ideal for dogs that are notoriously tough on training equipment. To reduce jumping, lunging, and pulling, try this no-pull harness made of soft touch polyester webbing. In order to offer your pet the best fit possible, the SENSE-ation No-Pull harness comes in nine sizes, ranging from Mini all the way up to extra large.

There are six colors available: black, purple, green, red, fawn, and pink.

#3: Yup! Nylon No Pull Dog Harness

Made of high-quality nylon, this one-piece harness is different from anything else on the market. In order to stop your dog from pulling, this harness has a tether system that puts gentle pressure on his shoulders, causing him to move backwards, thereby resulting in a complete loss of pulling power.

Sizes range from extra small to extra large.

#2: Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness

For everyday use, this slip-on harness has five adjustment points to give your dog an excellent near-custom fit. Plus, the padded chest panel will keep your dog comfortable and reduce stress to his sternum and trachea.

Sizes are available for dogs of all sizes, from five to over eighty pounds.

#1: Chai’s Choice Front Range No Pull Dog Harness

Chai's Choice Front Range No Pull Dog HarnessDesigned for medium and large dogs, this harness is made of durable, scratch-resistant oxford material and allows you to attach a leash on either the chest or the back. The soft sponge padding, lightweight mesh lining, and adjustable straps make fore an incredibly comfortable fit for your dog.

Plus, you can make sure your dog is safe both on the sidewalk and in the car since the Front Range Harness can also be used with a seatbelt to restrain you dog in the car. Sizes start at extra small and go up to extra large. Available colors include reflective orange, green, and black.


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