DinoviteーWhat Is It? Should You Give it to Your Dog?

Has it ever struck you as odd that people are advised to take a daily vitamin, but pets don’t get the same recommendation? Sure, we buy quality food for our four-legged family members and hope for the best, but that’s no guarantee that Fido and Whiskers are getting all the nutrients they need.

One company realized that most pets need more nutrition than their dry food is giving them, so they created a full line of products to bridge that dietary gap.

Dinovite: Who They Are

Ed and Cindy Lukacevic founded Dinovite in 2001. At the time, the Lukacevics were dog breeders who fed their dogs Ed’s homemade dietary supplement. But it didn’t take long for Cindy to notice that the supplement seemed to be having an effect on the dogs.

She remarked to Ed that the supplement he was making stopped the dogs from scratching, slowed down shedding, and helped them to be happier overall. It was then that the Lukacevics realized that there was a place for their supplement in every pet owner’s household. Thus, Dinovite, Inc. was born.

About The Brand

What is Dinovite?Dinovite has come a long way since their humble beginnings of homemade dog supplements. The brand has expanded to include not just dietary supplements for both cats and dogs, but also flea spray, pet treats, and herbal shampoos. Dinovite is said to improve symptoms like shedding, bad odor, itching, crusty skin, and body sores.

The Lukacevics claim pet food is cooked and processed in a way that destroys most of the nutrients, which then leads to deficiencies. By feeding your pet a little Dinovite each day, the supplement is said to reverse the deficiency and make for a happier pet and owner, too.

Dinovite has a plethora of vitamins, enzymes, microbials, and trace minerals to meet all of your pet’s dietary needs and overcome any deficiencies.

Available Dinovite Products and Their Benefits

Original Dinovite Supplements

You can choose liquid or powder options for small, medium, large, or giant dogs. There are also products for multi-dog homes as well as cats and horses.

It can be used with all types of pet food, however the company recommends adding an Omega supplement like Lickochops or Supromega to see the best results.

NomoFlea Flea Spray:

The NomoFlea line has two products– one spray designed for your pet and one intended for your home. NomoFlea spray comes in 8, 16, or 24 ounce spray bottles. You can also buy a bundle to save money!


As an excellent source of Omega-3, Omega-6, microbials, and vitamin E, Lickochops provides a daily dose of fish oil to support a healthy coat and skin. Lickoshops is available in an 8 oz bottle or tube.

Supromega Fish Oil

Produced from Menhaden Fish Oil, Supromega provides a great source of Omega-3-rich fish oil for your pet to help improve their immune system, relieve itchy skin, and promote better health for senior pets. Supromega is available in liquid or gel caps.

Nubonubs Freeze Dried Treats

The majority of veterinarians recommend giving pet treats infrequently since they are basically devoid of nutrition. Why not give your pet something that’s both delicious and good for them?

Nubonubs comes in three flavors with options for both cats and dogs so you can treat your furbaby without feeling guilty.


Most pet shampoos mask odors instead of eliminating them. Not so with this all-natural dog shampoo. Dogosuds is made with therapeutic-grade essential oils to soothe your dog’s skin. Plus it makes a great lather and rinses out with ease.

There are currently four scents to choose from: peppermint tea tree, lavender, essential oil blend, and unscented.


Got a sticky, stinky horse or dog on your hands? Gentoclean is a natural pet shampoo made with lemongrass oil, jojoba oil, aloe, lavender, and rosemary. It will leave your dog’s coat looking and smelling fantastic.


Designed for active dogs and those who have trouble gaining or keeping weight, Carnoyum aims to provide high-energy dogs with the essential protein and fats he or she needs for a busy lifestyle.

Dosage varies with pet size, so check the serving recommendations before you buy.


This calcium supplement for dogs is recommended for pet owners who feed their dogs homemade dog food. The calcium and magnesium provided by Fidocal supports healthy body function.

…So Should You Use It?

Dinovite doesn’t pretend to be the Holy Grail for pet owners. However, they do recognize that most pet owners face the same issues– problems that most likely stem from nutritional deficiencies but are easily solved with natural products. So if you have an itchy, smelly, lethargic cat or dog, it may be time to try Dinovite. But run it by your Veterinarian first.

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