A Review of Various Digital Dog Portrait Artists

Whether you pet is naughty or nice, as clever or as lazy as can be, just as no two human personalities are alike, so too are our pets’ personalities. It is this delightful essence – this unique individuality, that a pet portrait can capture so beautifully. Pet portraits create a permanent and loving reminder of your beloved pet’s most unique characteristics.

Whatever they might get up to, there is absolutely no doubt that your pet is a bona fide member of your family. Now, you can make your pet’s status as a beloved family member official by adding a custom pet portrait to your home’s gallery of photos and paintings of your relatives! Whether it’s a shelf over the fireplace or a wall of formal portraits lining a grand staircase, your beloved pet deserves the pride of place alongside the family.

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Don’t know where to begin to source a portrait of your pet? It’s easier than you might think. Fiverr is a unique global online marketplace that enables people to sell their unique sills and services for a price of  no less than $5. The marketplace was launched in 2010 by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman of Tel Aviv, Israel, and within a year of being operational, was hosting over 1.2 million services, which the marketplace calls “gigs.”

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Within the Fiverr marketplace there’s  a variety of artists to choose from, so you are practically assured of finding an artist that will be able to capture both the personality of your pet and the type of aesthetic that you might be trying to achieve with your pet portrait. All you need is a favorite photo of your pet, and the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Just to give you a little taste, we’ve hired 12 artists to create a portrait of our dog Kobi. Which one do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!

Make sure you stick til the end of the post as we will show you exactly how to get your very own custom dog portrait!

1) It’s Time to Raise the Woof 


Fiverr Username: Svieta

Svieta is a digital artist with an interest in illustration, portrait and character design who got her start the old fashioned way; drawing with a pencil and paper!

Svieta is a self-taught artist, and has been painting both traditionally and digitally for the past five years.  For the past year, she has focused on creating realistic and cartoonish pet portraits and illustrating childrens’ books.

2) Make Sure You Catch My Good Side!pjimage (7)

Fiverr Username: clairegosse

Clairegosse is a Canadian digital graphic artist who specializes in cartoon-style characters.

3) I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good


4) Be My Valentine?

pjimage (2)

Fiver Username: Meow_Bug

Meow_Bug is the brainchild of Anastasiia from the Ukraine, who describes herself as a visual artist with experience in digital and traditional art, and a keen interest in photography.

Anastasia has been drawing for her whole life, and decided to make it a career. She attended art school, and then went on to college to study interior design before finding herself being drawn back to her roots as an illustrator. She has always preferred to share her work on a smaller scale, and Fiverr has provided the perfect platform. She describes her work as having a love for “opaque material and confident brushstrokes” while working in light, pastel shades.

5) Trying to Be Pretty Like The Wall


Fiverr Username: Allanterart

Allanterart has 20 years of experience in art and design, and now focuses on digital art because, citing the greater flexibility in the medium.

“My satisfaction comes when clients receive my work and compliments it. I prefer to explore different styles than just fix on a specific one because I believe art has no limits. Art is a lifelong journey. I strive to do my best and continue polishing it as long as I live.

6) That Head Scratchie Hits The Spot!

pjimagde (5)

Fiverr Username: Agusmaryanto

Agusmaryanto is the pet project of Indonesian graphic designer Agus, sho started out as an illustrator and sketch artist.

Agus added digital design to her portfolio after she became acquainted with social media, and has been making digital paintings steadily for the past three years.

7) The Camera Is In My Personal Bubble Again

pjimage (3)

Fiverr Username: Doniasmara

Doniasmara is the storefront for Doni Asmara Dwi from Indonesia. His interests are varied, including digital painting, caricature, cartoon and comic creation, and portrait work.

Doni Asmara Dwi studied art for three years, and has been creating digital art and paintings for the past 6 years. It is a point of pride for Doni to always create the best possible product for the customer.

8) Did Someone Say Treats?


Fiverr Username: Mashara

Sarah is an industrial designer and illustrator based in Argentina who is the force behind Mashara, who actually got her start drawing the pets of her friends.

Sarah started illustrating pets in what she describes as “the most roundabout way imaginable”.  She had always been a keen drawer, focusing mainly on personal projects or amateur stuff for friends or family.

After recuing a dog named Matilda from the streets in Buenos Aires, Sarah found her love of creating pet portraits. Matilda had insecurity issues, so she took her to obedience classes to build her confidence. It was there that somebody asked her to draw their dog, and she ended up illustrating all the dogs in the doggie school for t-shirts!

Sarah is a big fan of comic books, a medium which she feels lends itself well and inserts humor into her pet portraits.

9) Trotting Uphill is Hard When the Sun is on You and You Have Two Layers of Fur!

pjimage (4)

Fiverr Username: Cyberwolf

Cyberwolf is a profesisonal painter, writer, graphic designer, and 3D modeler who specializes in watercolor-style portraits.

Cyberwolf is the brainshild of George from Tbilisi, Georgia (the country, not the state!) George studied art at the Tbilisi College of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts, and has experience in oil painting, 3D modelling, and five years as a 3D designer at an archetectural company. George even worked for a number of years painting the interiors of the many Orthodox churches in Georgia!

George paints pet portraits by hand using a drawing tablet and computer software, then delivers the portrait online as a high quality digital file(JPG) that you can print it out or use it as you wish. The final image will be similar to a regular watercolor portrait.

10) They Washed My Ears Away =(

pjimadddge (5)

Fiverr Username: Renatex

Renatex creates portraits that are both realistic or creative, depending on what the client requests. An art student who has just finished her Bachelors degree and is working towards a Masters degree, she specializes in illustration, printmaking, painting, and graphic design.

For her pet portraits, she enjoys employing a realistic, Academic illustration approach in order to truly capture the essence of the customer’s beloved pet. She understands just how important pets are to the family unit, and always wants to give her best to her portrait projects.

11) You Got Me Some Treats??!! Can I have them all right now?!!

pjimage (1)

Fiverr Username: Valentinaagulina

Valentina Agulina is a vector artist and graphic designer with 6 years experience working for an advertising agency. She also enjoys working with painted illustration.

Valentina cites her influences as a combination of some of her artistic experiments over the years, with an emphasis on engravings, calm soft colors, and the flexibility of the line. She enjoys working in a style of vector art that puts the emphasis on realism.

12) Running Off leash at the Tennis Court is The Next Best Thing to The Dog Park

pjimage (5)

Fiverr Username: Jae_17

Jae Tanaka has more than 20 years experience as a layout artist, character designer and art director for companies such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, TVE and Disney. Jae now works as a freelance artist, an illustrator, character designer and story board artist.

Jae feels that having worked in such a wide range of styles and for different customer bases creates a level of comfort with varying styles. The main inspiration for Jae’s personal projects comes from Jack Kirby, Edward Gorey, the “Indie” scene, and Tokusatu movies.

13) Why Do I Have To Wear This Hat?

pjimage (5)

Fiverr Username: Hidcubus

Hidcubus is a self-taught 2-D illustrator based in Indonesia, who specializes in cartoon design and vector art.

Hidcubus describes his style as “semi realistic cartoon with a touch of anime”, and cites his influences as Akira Toriyama, Andrew Loomis.

Want your own Custom Dog Portrait?

Here’s how to get started.

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2) Did you like any of the artists we featured? Type in your favourite artist’s name and click on their username in the search bar at the top


3) Now you are on their profile page. Click on the offer that appeals to you the most

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5) Show Off Your Dog Portrait to the World! Let us know! We would love to feature you on our Instagram account!