Tuffy Toys: Dog Toys That Will Hold Up to Serious Fun

Those of us who have big dogs, or even just little dogs with big personalities, know all too well the feeling of purchasing an expensive dog toy, only to find it in tatters on the living room floor exactly four minutes after you have given it to your dog. Most dog toys simply aren’t built to withstand the kind of intense playtime activity that happens at the jaws of a big, strong dog.

It’s not that we don’t want to spoil our beloved pets with the kind of toys that look so appealing when they’re lined-up on the shelves of the pet shop, squeakers and appendages intact, it’s just that we know that for all of the playtime our investment will buy us, we might as well pull crisp twenty dollar bills out of our wallets and light them on fire.

Luckily for people with big dog issues, there’s a company called Tuffy Toys. Tuffy Toys specialize in creating dog toys that are built to withstand exactly the kind of love and attention that big, strong dogs love to dish-out. Built with longevity in mind, Tuffy Toys have created one of the toughest products on the market – most of which come with a guarantee to last through whatever serious fun your dog has in store.

Tuffy Ultimate Red Ring Paw Toy

The Tuffy Red Ring Paw Dog ToyTough and long lasting, the Tuffy Ultimate Gear Ring ranks an incredibly “9” on the Tuffy scale. Complete with squeakers, this dog toy would be the perfect present for any pet!

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What are Tuffy Dog Toys?

Tuffy Dog Toys are ideal for dogs who are heavy chewersTuffy dog toys are built in the same way as most things that are built to last – with skilled workmanship and a careful attention to detail that ensures that the final product is not only going to last, but will be safe for your beloved four-legged family member.

First, anywhere from four to seven layers of fabric are bonded, and then sewn together to make one extremely tough layer of fabric. While most other dog toys are sewn together with one flimsy seam, Tuffy toys are sewn multiple times, and a layer of webbing is added to the corners to reinforce the seams.

Squeakers are all placed inside additional pouches to add an extra layer of safety for your pet, and every Tuffy dog toy is machine washable and floats when thrown into the water.

The Tuffy Dog Toy “Tuff Scale”

This Tuffy Dog Toy Turkey ranks 9 on the "Tuff Scale."Through intensive testing, Tuffy has created what they call the “Tuff Scale”, a rating system that allows you to compare toy toughness in order to choose a toy that is perfect for your dog’s particular playing style.

The scale goes from one to ten, with one being the most flimsy and vulnerable toys, and ten being the strongest. All of Tuffy’s toys are ranked at a five or higher, and you can use the scale to take into account the size and age of your dog when making your selection.

Still not convinced? Here are a few examples of the different types of products that Tuffy offers; you’re sure to find something here that will meet the needs of even the most discerning of canine companions!

Tuffy Animal Range

If your dog is a fan of large, plush toys but is able to perform a “squeakectomy” on your average toy in under three miniutes, the Tuffy animal range is for you! Sizes range from things like Trex the T-Rex for smaller dogs (with big appetites) to giant specimens like the Marty the Triceratops for dogs that really like a challenge!

Tuffy Rubber Toy Range

For those of you who have dogs that really need a challenge, Tuffy toys also has a line of rubber toy products. These toys are created from 100% pure new rubber, and will withstand even the strongest of jaw grips.

One of the most popular toys from the Tuffy rubber toy range is the Rugged Rubber Bomb, a solid bomb-shaped toy with a knotted rope attached as a “fuse”, making it easy to throw, and the perfect toy for a game of fetch.

Tuffy Rugged Rubber Bomb

The Tuffy Rubber Bomb Toy is a fantastic choice for heavy chewers.This uniquely shaped rubber dog toy will be sure to catch anyone’s attentionーincluding your pet! Designed for powerful fun, this “bomb” is perfect for fetching or even chewing!

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What Other Pet Owners Say about Tuffy Dog Toys

Tuffy toys has truly become a fast favorite with customers from all over the world! But don’t take our word for it – the reviews speak for themselves! Customers have raved about all aspects of Tuffy toys; the sturdy construction, the attention to detail, and the immediate bond that their pets form with the toys is only the tip of the iceberg!

All you have to do is scan the comments section of any online outlet that sells Tuffy toys, and you will be relegated with tales of everything from a unique ability to stand up to a giant shepherd that loves to tear toys apart, to amusing anecdotes about one of the smallest (and fiercest) terriers whose relentless pursuit of a weakened seam or poorly-attached appendage has provided many hours of entertainment, and counting.

The next time you walk into a room to discover that familiar and gruesome scene of dismembered fluff, fabric, and plastic squeakers all over your living room floor, take a moment to remember Tuffy Toys – your dog (and your vacuum cleaner) will thank you for it!

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