Taste of the Wild Coupons for 2016

Pamper Your Pet like Royalty with ‘Taste of the Wild’ Food Products

What you eat is part of you, and a good diet translates into a healthier self. The same stands true for your pets too. You don’t want your poodle to be underweight or your cat feeling lethargic because of sub-optimal diet. Feeding them high quality nutritious food keeps them healthy, minimizing visits to the vet.

If you are conscious about feeding your pets’ healthy food, try Taste of the Wild pet food products that emphasize a nutritious diet for pets made from grain-free formula.

About The Company

Taste of the Wild was incorporated in 2009 with one aim- to serve premium quality well balanced nutritious food for pets. But what does that have to do anything with “wild”? Pets are a wild species craving the taste of natural food that their ancestors used to have.


Many of today’s pet foods lack those natural ingredients that benefit a pet’s health, and that’s where Taste of the Wild comes in, their food products helping you ensure the right nutrition for your pet.

Taste of the Wild pet food products are based on quality meats and probiotics. The company ensures that each product mix is well balanced, with the just the right ratios of vegetables, fruits, and high quality roasted meats that enhance the taste, provide digestible energy, and antioxidants that keep the immune system healthy.

It’s the quality of the product and attention to detail in creating the tastes of food that makes Taste of the Wild pet food different. If you’re thinking a premium quality product like this would be expensive, well, it doesn’t have to be. You can use taste of the Wild food coupons that help you stay within the budget.

Products Offered

There is a variety of products to suit your pets’ taste buds. Each flavor is a unique blend of a base ingredient, digestible energy, and vegetables or fruits that provide antioxidants. Some of the dog products that you can purchase through taste of the Wild dog food coupons include:

• Southwest Canyon Canine Formula Stew
• Sierra Mountain Canine Formula with Lamb in Gravy
• Wetlands Canine Formula with Fowl in Gravy
• Pacific Stream Canine Formula with Salmon in Gravy
• High Prairie Canine Formula with Bison in Gravy
• Southwest Canyon Canine Formula with Wild Boar
• Sierra Mountain Canine Formula with Roasted Lamb
• Wetlands Canine Formula with Roasted Fowl
• High Prairie Canine Formula with Bison and Roasted Venison
• Pacific Stream Canine Formula with Smoked Salmon
• High Prairie Puppy Formula with Bison and Roasted Venison
• Pacific Stream Puppy Formula With Smoked Salmon

The following products are available for cats, which can also be purchased using Taste of the Wild cat food coupons:
• Rocky mountain feline formula with roasted venison and smoked salmon
• Canyon river feline formula with trout and smoked salmon
• Rocky mountain feline formula with salmon and roasted venison in gravy
• canyon river feline formula with trout and salmon in gravy
All dog and cat food products are available in dry or canned form.

Product Features

Taste of the Wild products are designed taking into consideration the pets’ need for natural tasting food. Superior taste and quality are thus the hallmarks of the company’s products. The blend of foods in each product is carefully created to provide health benefits as well as please the taste buds. Following are the key features of the food products:

• Supplemented with foods and vegetables
• Grain and gluten free
• Contains blend of omega fatty acids
• Contains chelated minerals to aid in digestion
• Dried Chichory root maintains probiotic bacteria balance
• Includes Taurine in cat foods that supports healthy heart and eyes
• Dry pet food is processed with purified water that undergoes reverse osmosis.

Where to Get It

It’s not difficult to purchase Taste of the Wild pet foods, and to get the best deal on their premium offerings, you can use taste of the Wild coupons. You can locate a store near where you live, or simply order online for a convenient and hassle–free purchase. Many places stock Taste of the Wild pet foods online such as Bark Bark Club, chewy.com, dog.com, doggiefood.com, and heartypet.com, to name a few.

Taste of the Wild Coupons for 2016

Can you feed me now?

Can you feed me now?

However, the best place to order your product is through Amazon.com where you may also find great deals and discounts using your Taste of the Wild coupon. They offer fast shipping to your home, great customer service and an easy return policy in case you ordered the wrong product. A word of caution for all pet lovers: don’t feed your pet expired food, and if you’re ordering online through Amazon.com, you can enquire through the customer service reps about expiry date and any other information you deem necessary.

All products above $25 are free to ship, so there are no extra charges for ordering your pet food online in bulk, which also saves you from the hassle of carrying the heavy load yourself into the home and wasting gas going to the supermarket. High quality food does not have to be expensive, and expensive foods aren’t always healthier for your pets. Always choose an all-natural product that delivers health benefits as well as good taste.

End Note

Feeding premium quality nutritious food to their pets is every pet owner’s priority, but when that is the priority of pet food manufacturers as well, you have a great and reliable product at your disposal. Taste of the Wild offers a great blend of taste and nutrition with clear instructions and nutrition information mentioned on each package. For more information and to clear any doubts, you can go through the company’s comprehensive FAQs section, which answers common customer queries.

You should never put your pets’ health at risk. At times, pets actively resist food because they don’t like the taste or the way their existing diet affects them. Should you find your pet not eating, try another flavor of the Taste of the Wild food products and ensure that your pet gets the nutrition that they deserve. Healthy pets are a source of pride and enjoyment, so make sure yours is one of them.

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