Things to Keep in Mind About the Pomsky

Many of you have probably heard of the pomsky. In fact, you probably knew about the pomsky before you’ve even heard of the Alaskan Klee Kai. For those who have not, they are a mix between a husky and a pomeranian. Advertised as being toy sized, the pomsky has gotten more and more attention as of late. People are attracted to their cute, compact size and husky likeliness.

There are various “pomsky” photos circulating the internet, however many of said photos are not actual photos of pomskies. The photo to the left is a good example – it is not a pomsky, but a corgi husky mix. Let’s take a quick look at another.

Take for example, the photo below. It is often captioned with the following  “This is a pomsky and yes, they do stay this small their entire lives.” This is NOT true.

The puppy in this photo is NOT a pomsky. He is a Finnish Lapphund puppy, a completely different type of dog and yes- they do get bigger. In fact, as adults they can grow up to be 30-50 pounds.



Now lets look at a picture of an adult Finnish Lapphund below- notice it’s large size.

finnish lapphund

Things to Keep in Mind about Pomskies:

1.) Not all pomsky mixes remain small

Considering that they are a mix between a husky (~40-60 pounds) and a pomeranian (~4-8 pounds), the pomsky offspring can therefore range anywhere from 4 pounds to 60 pounds. To put it simply, it is all a genetic lottery. There is just no way for breeders to be able to guarantee that your pomsky pup will remain small; there is no way that they will be able to predict just how big the pomsky pup will grow to be.

When you mix two dog breeds of different sizes, the offspring can be any size in between the two parents. Ultimately, you will only know once your pomsky pup reaches adulthood, usually close to the one year mark.

2.) Not all pomsky mixes have the desired black/white colouring and mask markings



Huskies are well known for their black and white fur coats and their characterizing masks. These traits are often well desired in those wishing to purchase a pomsky. However, as with pomsky sizes, there is also a huge range of fur colourings possible in pomskies.

In fact, the majority of pomskies do not have the desired symmetrical mask and black and white colouring, many are in fact tan, white, black, brownish or a mixture of different colours. This is also due to genetics, you simply cannot guarantee the desired black and white, with mask colouring- that is only one of the many different fur coat colouring possibilities. The majority of pomskies therefore do not resemble huskies in the traditional sense of having a facial mask with black and white fur.

3.) Huskies must be impregnated by pomeranians via human interaction due to their size differences

Many may not realize it but due to the size difference between a husky and a pomeranian, natural mating processes cannot occur. The only way for a pomsky offspring to be born is to have the husky mother “forcefully” impregnated by a pomeranian with human help.

There are “breeders” out there who are willing to try anything to impregnate their dogs in order to make quick money as pomskies are considered a “designer breed” and will sell for as much as $3500-5000 a pup.

Please realize that you will ultimately be paying lots of money to support poor breeding practices.

4.) Most pomskies do not receive any health testing

The only club that currently recognizes the pomsky, “The Pomsky Club of America” does not require “breeders” to perform any health tests on the dogs. You will therefore be unaware of any genetic illnesses or conditions that your pomsky pup may have. It is also rare for the husky and pomeranian parents to have been screened and tested for genetic conditions before the breeding.

Many genetic illnesses have a way of being nearly undetectable when a dog is young, any prevalent health conditions may only start to reveal itself when the pup is 3-4 years old.


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