The Himalayan Dog Chew: What are its Pros?

Are you especially particular about the food and treats you give your dog? Does it ever seem like there aren’t enough safe options for your dog to chew? The makers of Himalayan dog chews agree and have come up with a great new treat for dogs everywhere.

The Himalayan Dog Chew- What is it?

Himalayan dog chews are dog treats made of hard cheese. The recipe comes from a traditional Himalayan method of making cheese from yak and cow milk. When the milk is combined with salt and lime juice, then allowed to dry for several weeks, it becomes very hard.

This allows your dog to chew the treat for quite a while before it is soft enough for small pieces to be bitten off. Himalayan dog chews are made with all natural products so they’re free of binding agents and preservatives. In addition to being gluten free, many are made from milk that is sourced from free-range cattle and yaks in Nepal that are only fed grass and never treated with antibiotics or hormones.

Himalayan Dog Chew

The himalayan dog chew is a yummy and health choice for your pet!Treat your pet with something both yummy and all-natural! These delicious chews contain no preservatives and will be sure to last your pooch a good while!

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Top Reasons to Buy a Himalayan Dog Chew

With so many different kinds of dog treats and chews on the market, what incentive does a dog owner have to buy Himalayan chews? Actually, there are several benefits these treats have over their competitors. Here are a few:

Healthy and High in Protein

With a low fat and high protein content, you can be sure that these treats are not just tasty but also good for your dog. On average, Himalayan dog treats are made of about 50% protein.

Long-lasting and Low-odor

Most reviewers say these treats last their dogs for days or even weeks at a time. Unlike other treats made of animal meat or hide, Himalayan chews do not develop an unpleasant smell while being chewed. In fact, most people compare the smell to that of smoked cheese.

Non-greasy and Digestible

Himalayan Dog chewsWith a very low fat content, Himalayan dog chews will never leave grease stains around your home. Although milk itself is often hard for dogs to digest, cheese is much easier on the stomach and is rarely a problem.

While a very small percentage– less than 10%– of dogs experience symptoms like gas or loose stools, the issues are brief and resolve quickly.

All-natural and Gluten-free

Himalayan dog chews are made of just four ingredients and are completely free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and binding agents. These dairy-based treats are grain-free and often made of milk from grazing yaks and cattle that are never fed grain.


Since there are no artificial colors, there are no problems with colors leeching out of the treat that may stain carpet or furniture.

Himalayan Dog Chew Vs. Other Dog Chews

Many dogs are picky about what they like to chew. So how can you tell if Himalayan chews are right for your dog? Let’s look at the different aspects of the chew itself to see how it stacks up against competitors.

Himalayan Dog Chew LogoTaste

Not only do Himalayan dog chews taste much better than most other chews, they also have nutritional value where many competitors do not. If your dog enjoys flavorful chews like bully sticks, yam chews, fish skin chews, pigs ears, or other chews made from animal parts, he will probably love Himalayan chews.


When compared to other treats that are digestible and have nutritional value, Himalayan chews last much longer. Since treats made of dried skin or vegetables can be chewed in a matter of minutes, there are few other safe alternatives that last as long as Himalayan chews.


The truth is, there are several other items that dogs can chew that last longer than Himalayan chews. The problem is, most of those options have major safety concerns. Chews made of rubber, nylon, rawhide, or real bone may last almost indefinitely but that lifespan comes at great risk to your dog.

Virtually all of these options can be dangerous with the potential to harm your dog if he swallows a piece or bites the chew hard enough to break a tooth. None of these issues are concerns with Himalayan chews.

What Buyers Have to Say about the Himalayan Dog Chew

Learn more about the benefits of the Himalayan Dog ChewIf you like to read about a new product before you buy, you will be pleased to know that positive customer reviews for Himalayan dog chews can be found in abundance. Dog owners love these treats for their dogs and their dogs love them, too.

These treats are very popular with picky dogs, voracious puppies who chew everything, and dogs who can’t enjoy other chews due to teeth loss or other dental problems.

To avoid the risk of choking, some buyers advise taking the last little bit of chew and microwaving it for up to a minute. Doing so allows the chew to puff up like a marshmallow, resulting in a softer crunchy treat that your dog will love.


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