How Good is the Julius K9 Dog Harness?

A Julius K9 harness review is not hard to find on Google; finding an honest Julius K9 Harness review on the other hand, may be a little more difficult, especially if you’re a skeptical person.

It’s without saying that most doggy parents are protective of their pets―we want to make sure that we’re always giving them the best. Reviews are great; they let you know more about a certain product before you actually go buy it at the store.

Today, we’ll be focusing our attention on the Julius K9 Harness; a sturdy, well-built dog harness that was originally manufactured in Europe for working dogs.

Julius K9 Harness Review: About the Company

julius k9 harness

Originally founded in 1997 under a different name, Julius K9 started out as a family enterprise. The company is in fact, the first in Europe to manufacture dog harnesses and other protective equipment for dog owners. Using state-of-the-art technology, Julius K9 has developed a reputation over the years for their unrivalled quality of products.

After years of manufacturing the regular Julius K9 Harnesses, the company renamed them to be “Power Harnesses”―justifiably so, seeing as how the second largest police training centre in Austria uses their dog equipment for their k9 unit! Designed and made with the practical demands of a working dog in mind, the Julius K9 Dog Harness is simply unequalled in both finish and quality.

Julius K9 Harness Review

Highlights of the Dog Harness

  • Wide variety of colors available: Over 15 colors/designs to choose from!
  • Great sizing options: Harness is available in a huge variety of sizes
  • Reflective strap on the front increases visibility of your pet
  • Uncomplicated velcro and buckle attachments
  • Option of placing custom labels on either side of the harness

Julius K9 Dog Harness

Some of the features of the Julius K9 HarnessRenowned for its comfortable fit and removable labels, the Julius K9 Dog Harness offers pet owners a sturdy, yet inexpensive way of walking their pups!

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Sizing, Color Selection and Custom Label

dog harness

With the wide range of sizing options available, you can rest assured knowing that there will always be one that fits your pet.

Each size corresponds to a certain set of measurements, so be sure to give your furry friend an accurate measuring before making your purchase―you wouldn’t want to find out that it doesn’t fit after receiving it in the mail after all.

One of the thing that make the Julius K9 Dog Harness stand out above the rest is their color selection. If there’s a certain shade that you’re after, chances are, they will have it.

Knowing that solid colors can sometimes get boring, the harnesses are also available in a handful of eye-catching patterns―one particular design that comes to mind, sports a patriotic red, blue and white color theme and comes complete with white stars.

Another fabulous thing about the Julius K9 harness, is the fact that you can get customizable labels to stick on either sides of the harness itself. Not only is the text fully customizable, but it is also reflective; meaning that your dog will be much safer when walking in less than ideal lighting conditions.

The only catch about getting personalized labels is that they typically take a while to be made. If you’d rather skip the wait, you can also purchase one of their pre-designed labels which can be viewed on their official website.

Julius K9 Harness Review: What Others Say About it On Amazon

So it’s probably no secret that I’m a personal fan of the harness, but what are others saying about it?

On Amazon, one of its major retailers, the product has an overall rating of 4.8 stars from over 300 customers―fairly impressive, to say the least. Looking at the reviews more closely, less than 5% of reviewers have given the item a 3 or less star rating; on the other hand, close to 88% of customers have given it a full five stars, while 7% have deemed it worthy of four stars.

If you read some of the reviews listed on the website, you’ll quickly realize that most of the customers praise the harness for the same features―its easy on-and-off buckle, top handle, as well as the available option of adding custom decals. Considering its glowing reviews on Amazon, it almost seems fair to say that you will most definitely be getting the bang for your buck with the Julius K9 Dog Harness!

Looking at its small handful of negative reviews, the general consensus from unhappy customers seems to be that it is easy for a dog to chew through. While it’s true that that can be a frustrating situation, there is actually a very simple fix to that―simply remove the harness from your dog when you’re done using it!

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