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Alaskan Klee Kai of the Month for August: Mango

Age: 16 months, DOB is 4/7/2014

Came from: Texas

Unique habits: She tilts her head when she doesn’t understand something

Favourite food: She loves wet food! For breakfast, I mix wet food and dry food together but she always tries to spit the dry food out!

Personality: She’s such a princess. She also always want to be the leader. She can also be very  jealous.

Likes: She likes people who pet her nicely. She is also very good at being able to know who has nice intentions and who doesn’t.  Treats, pillows and toys are her favorite.

Dislikes: She doesn’t like to play with any ball-like toys that are bigger than the size of her head- for example: footballs, soccer balls, watermelons and cantaloupes

Favourite thing to do:
She recently learned how to play fetch and she loves it

How did she react to you when you guys first met?
She came all the way from Texas so it was a long 10 hour flight over to Canada. The whole process of having her brought over and picked up took over 14 hours. When we finally picked her up and opened the door to her crate, she slowly walked out and came to see us. She seemed very calm and was amazingly tiny! I weighed her later that night with a baking scale and she was only 3.4lb!!

Does she like other dogs?
Yes! She is nice to most dogs except her sister Summer because she gets jelly! 🙂 She loves rolling onto her back and showing her belly to other dogs!

What is her favourite human-item to chew on?
She loves to chew on glasses! She actually already broke 2 pairs of them. When she was little, she chewed on the power cord for my tablet and burnt herself from it, so fortunately she has learnt not to chew on things like wires or cables anymore.

Other photos of mango:

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